Ubiquity by David Bickerstaff

Commissioned 1997 by The Laboratory at the Ruskin School of Drawing and Fine Art, Oxford University in collaboration with Channel at Artec. Production by Andi Freeman

The link between individuals and their surroundings in the space of the non-place is established through the mediation of words, or even texts. Words that make images, places that exist only through the words that evoke them, are in a sense non-places, or rather imaginary places. A person entering the space of Ubiquity is relieved of their usual determinates. They become no more than what they do or experience in the role of passenger, customer, voyeur or browser.

David Bickerstaff studied Fine Art (painting) at Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Australia, and has worked in theatre, television and films while exhibiting and developing several artist projects. After travelling through Europe in 1987, he settled in London were he has exhibited both paintings and digital artworks.

Contact David Bickerstaff through email: david@atomictv.com