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Steles Steles Steles  

A project by Keith Wilson for
the Olympic Park, London

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A film by David Bickerstaff and Keith Wilson
HD video | 16:9 | 48 min

This film documents the creation of Keith Wilson's artwork 'Steles (waterworks)', commissioned for the Olympic park, London. These fascinating, colourful artworks along the Waterworks River reflect the spirit of the London 2012 Games while accentuating the main river that flows through the Olympic Park. Their vivid colours connect the parkland with the river and punctuate this newly-formed landscape both during the Games and afterwards, when they will be used for boat moorings.

Both sculptural and functional, they evoke nautical waymarkers, and have been made from the same durable materials used for navigation buoys, bringing a distinctive identity to the waterways.

Sculpture: Keith Wilson
Camera and editing: David Bickerstaff
Second camera: Hugh Hood
Music: Ian Dench and Matt Clifford

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