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The British Museum
23.03.2019 – 26.08.2019

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Creative direction and AV consultancy by David Bickerstaff
for NewAngle Productions

The Bookstore
3 streams of synced video - installation with surround sound | HD video | 5 mins

Housed within the British Museum's 'Manga' exhibition, the 'Bookstore' is a recreation of the oldest manga store in Japan. Visitors step into a space that looks and feels like the original Tokyo shop, imagining they are participants in the drama, energy and power of manga.

Along with the overall audio visual consultancy for the exhibition, NewAngle created a short animation showing how manga is a compelling world of visual storytelling that constructs an immersive world that the reader 'inhabits', with narratives driven by images rather than words.

The animation is projected onto three large-scale screens. It features illustrations from Professor Munakata's British Museum Adventure, a bespoke manga story created by Hoshino Yukinobu especially for the museum. NewAngle took six scenes from the book and brought the artist's illustrations to life using 2.5d parallax and motion graphic techniques. A dynamic soundtrack adds to the sense of immersion and energy.

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