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Amazonia Amazonia Amazonia  

A project by Lucy + Jorge Orta

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2 x HD video | 16:9 | 23 min 40 sec
Directed and edited by David Bickerstaff
Written by Mario Petrucci
Concieved and filmed by Lucy + Jorge Orta

This double screen video follows a journey through the Amazon Basin from its glacial sources into the grassland, descending several thousand metres to the Amazon rainforest. Gaia - the Greek goddess of Earth, is the voice that introduces the poetic narrative by Mario Petrucci which accompanies the video. The poem unfolds through a conversation between a man and Gaia, a story that shapes and prompts us to reflect on the plight of nature.

Filmed in Peru by Jorge Orta and Matt Wainwright
Stills photography by Lucy + Jorge Orta
Sound recordings from Peru by Brenndan McGuire
Narration by Clare Corbett and Simon Wright
Commissioned by the Natural History Museum London
Copyright 2010 Lucy + Jorge Orta


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