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Devised and edited by David Bickerstaff
for Newangle Productions

As part of the ‘Open Up’ project for the Royal Opera House, NewAngle provided consultancy and produced the first commissioned film for an updatable projection in the new Front of House foyer. The aim was to produce a highly artistic presentation platform that illuminates a broad range of activities that define the Royal Opera House while also showing donor and supporter names. An off-the-shelf content management system was proposed with a four, 4k projector and multiple speaker system to provide a cinematic format for the film presentation that could be regularly updated with new films produced by artists.

David and NewAngle worked with the Royal Opera House creative team on the first film which explores the duality of performance and the activities found backstage. The choreographed sequence takes a cinematic look at the processes and rhythms of making – rehearsal, performance, design, building, lighting, costume and make-up

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