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Thinking with the Body
Mind and movement in the work of Wayne McGregor | Random Dance

Wellcome Collection
19 September - 27th October 2013
183 Euston Road, London NW1 2BE

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Nowhereisland - artist project by Alex Hartley. We are making an artist film and documentary about the project for Situations. More information >

Wayne McGregor Ice Age Art War Horse Altenberg
Thinking with the Body
Mind and movement in the work of Wayne McGregor | Random Dance - Wellcome Collection
Sept 19 - Oct 27
Ice Age Art: Arrival of the Modern Mind
Multiscreen video installation that recreates the experience of being in a paleolithic cave for the British Museum.
Making War Horse
Documentary of the making of the National Theatre's smash hit stage show as it moves to the West End. More4/Sky Arts/National Theatre
Altenberg: The Little Pocket Mirror
Documentary about the controversial Austrian writer made with Gemma Blackshaw at Plymouth University
Bridge Chernobyl Everything Flows
Tales from the Bridge
3D soundfield devised for the Millennium Bridge. Made in collaboration with Martyn Ware and featuring poetry by Mario Petrucci. July 27 - Sept 10
Heavy Water: A Film for Chernobyl
Documentary about the Chernobyl nuclear disaster based on poems by Mario Petrucci. More4/Sky Arts
Everything Flows Documentaries
Four short artist documentaries for the exhibition 'Everything flows: the art of getting in the zone'
Shakespeare: Staging the World
A major exhibition from The Birtish Museum on the world of Shakespeare. A collaboration with the Royal Shakespeare Company.
Fabulae Romanae Xenon Dreamscape Song
Fabulae Romanae
A video performance by Lucy + Jorge Orta filmed and edited by David Bickerstaff - exhibited at the MAXXI, Rome.
A collaboration with artist and musician Mikhail Karikis
Video for new musical composition by Simon Emmerson which he performs with Kate Ryder (piano), and Jane Chapman (harpsichord).
Video collaboration with Blackhole Factory and Theatre im Glaushaus
Museum of the White Horse
Documentary about the making of a travelling museum dedicated to white horses by Tania Kovats
For you, only you
Documentary about the making of Sonia Boyce's video installation For you, only you at Magdalen Capel Oxford
A visual essay about slow manufacturing in Austria made in collaboration with design historian and anthopologist Alison Clarke
A video project with Lucy + Jorge Orta at the Natural History Museum
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